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Mortgage Company in Alabama

HomeTown Lenders Mission Statement

To serve our Customer today by continuously operating from our core belief that exceeding expectations is the only way to do business. We will deliver this pledge of excellence through unsurpassed Customer service, leading-edge technology, and the most expert assistance possible in order to deliver the most innovative and creative mortgage financing solutions available.

This Mission Statement will serve as the primary framework for HomeTown Lenders future decision-making.

HomeTown Lenders Vision Statement

To emerge as an industry leader by building upon our high standards of operational excellence, continuing the development of a nation-wide presence, and by utilizing leading-edge technology in order to deliver mortgage loans in the most efficient manner possible.

Who we are

HomeTown Lenders began as a local Alabama mortgage brokerage firm with a vision for reshaping the future of lending by combining technology with unsurpassed customer service in order to provide customers with the most efficient mortgage process possible. From the start, our business model has always been framed around the strong belief that the main focus of our operations will always be our customers.

We are a closely-knit, professional organization committed to providing the highest level of customer service through highly experienced loan consultants utilizing the most innovative technology available. However, as technology becomes an increasingly larger part of our daily operations, we never lose sight of the fact that Honesty, Values, and Integrity have always been the backbone of our business.

Here at HomeTown Lenders, we believe that even in the face of rapid technological advances, old-fashioned service with a smile will never become obsolete. We do business the right way…the HomeTown Lenders way!

What we do

HomeTown Lenders is a fully integrated, multi-channel mortgage lender. We leverage technology and the power of the Internet with a traditional brick and mortar business in order to bring you efficient mortgage financing and unsurpassed customer service.

We offer a complete range of conforming, non-conforming and government loan programs, as well as a variety of options to help your family successfully budget your mortgage.

How we do it

Our online storefront was created to simplify the loan application process by developing proprietary software that automates the loan process in a totally secure environment. By moving automation closer to the point-of-sale, HomeTown Lenders is able to increase efficiency and productivity, which enables us to offer lower cost mortgage loans than our competitors. Our proprietary systems allow us to operate in a seamless environment and create a transparent process for the online mortgage shopper.

HomeTown Lenders is an integrated partner in a nationwide network of appraisers, closing agents, and lenders. We have local agents in your home town which come to you, at your convenience. (You even have the option of closing your loan right in your own living room!) Along with our established network of strategic business partners, we continuously increase efficiency by streamlining operations and eliminating non-value-added steps in the mortgage process, …and we do it all with a smile.

What makes us different

Our goal is to meet and exceed each client’s expectations, and we do that by offering unsurpassed customer service!

At HomeTown Lenders, we put People before Profits. Our home town way of doing business has always been to make sure that each customer receives the highest level of personalized, customer service throughout the entire mortgage loan process.

Our clients praise us for the communications that we maintain with them throughout the entire mortgage loan process. We make sure that you always have two points of contact so that you can feel comfortable knowing that someone is just seconds away when you need them. Guaranteed! At HomeTown Lenders, “People before Profits” isn’t just a catch phrase…it’s the way we do business…every day!